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Roldon James

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 As treasurer Roldon oversees the management of the financial affairs of the   association. 

 He is a member of the executive committee and has been a fixture throughout   the association's evolution.

 His involvement has helped shape the vision of the association from it's  early   informal days up to it's present form.

 Roldon began his career with Bermine, Kwakwani Operations as a Cost   Accounting clerk in the Finance department. He then obtained his Bachelors   degree in Economics from the University of Guyana

 After graduation, he worked as a Financial and Economic consultant at a private   consulting firm in Georgetown Guyana.

 Roldon migrated to the United States in 1988 and has been employed with Delta   Airlines for the past 32 years in it's international tariff and rates department.

 He has also pursued Advanced Economics studies at the University of North   Texas in Denton Texas..

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