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The North Texas Guyanese Association

The North Texas Guyanese Association was formed in the summer of 2009 spearheaded by four (4) families who wanted a place to meet, and exchange views, reminisce, and maintain the Guyanese culture whilst keeping in touch with the happenings back in Guyana..

Initially having weekly gatherings at each other's house fulfilled that need.  This was followed by the first annual family picnic in 2010.  Out of these activities , the North Texas Guyanese Association was formed.  The association purpose is to promote the Guyanese and Caribbean cultures and heritage in the North Texas and surrounding areas.

The group believed that Guyana's unique culture which is admired by many should always be shared and preserved as a memorable way of life.

After the launching of the North Texas Guyanese Association , the group grew to include several other notable members who helped to mold it into what is has become today..


The vision of the NTXGA is to have an organization dedicated to reunite, reconnect and connect Guyanese and persons of Guyanese heritage to Guyana culture.


The Association is governed by its members who elect a board of directors consisting of five officers to adopt policies and procedures for its benefit.

  • President - Ronald Hollingsworth

  • Vice President - Ivan Crandon

  • Secretary - Diane Jaundoo

  • Treasurer - Mr Roldon James

  • Event Coordinators:

    • Mrs Allison James.

    • Mrs Diane Jaundoo      


Our Commitment:

  • Communication with Guyanese and Caribbean associations throughout the United States.

  • Continue the cultural experience to children of Guyanese and Caribbean heritage.

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