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About the Vice President Ivan Crandon:


 I was born in Georgetown Guyana and attended several schools throughout Guyana       because of my father’s position as a Police officer.

My Technical skills were obtained at the Alcan Technical School in the Bauxite town of Linden and later completing advanced studies in Diesel engines at the Government Technical College of Georgetown.

In 1979, I immigrated to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and worked there as a mechanic at the Moorings Yacht Club gaining experience in Sailing, customer service and certified deep-water diving.

Not satisfied I had reached the zenith of my career ambitions I further immigrated to the United States and while working privately I attended Penske Technical School in New Jersey to fine tune my knowledge in diesel engines.

In 1987 I joined Brinks Inc. as a diesel mechanic from which over the years I was promoted to senior mechanic, Supervisor then onto Maintenance Manager.

Apart from my mechanical and managerial career I at different times did some studies in accounting and business management eventually resigning my position at Brinks after 21 years and made the move to Texas working at several corporations before retiring in August of 2019.

During my years in Texas I initiated the forming of the North Texas Guyanese Association club growing with the present day members before starting the Crandon Spices business of my own and continuing at present.

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