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About the President Ronald Hollingsworth:

I was born in Guyana in the city of Georgetown (Georgetown, Guyana). I lived the majority life in the city except for a few years in Poudryen on the West bank of the Demeara river.
 It is in this rural area that I discovered the beauty of diversity as it relates to race and culture.  I still enjoy dancing and listening to East Indian classics as much as I do to shanto, the Caribbean sounds of reggae, soca, calypso American pop and soul music. It is no different as I settle here in Texas still eating cookup rice, plantin, roti and curry, ensalada, pizza and burgers and all the various menus that depicts the cultural diffusion that is fully embraced by the Texans Guyanese community.
Migrating to America, and more specifically, my new home in Texas, I was able to adjust quickly because of the support I received from the many North Texas Guyanese that preceded me. 

Today they remain the center of my world in the Lone Star State.

I love Texas, I love Guyana and I love America.  I feel grateful and lucky to have experienced living in these two exceptionally beautiful places - places where I continue love and grow and contribute my talent.

As president of the North Texas Guyanese Association, I extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join or find out more about our organization, to contact me or any of the executive members listed on the website.


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