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Ivan Crandon

Vice President
Ivan Crandon
Vice President of North Texas Guyanese Association
 Ivan Crandon is one of the founding member of the  North Texas Guyanese Association. He   served as president for 6 years and is now Vice President of the Organization. In his role he is   is responsible for all events planning, and is a member of the Executive body. 
Ivan is the owner of Caribbean Spices where you can find all of your favorite Caribbean and   Guyanese products..
 Growing up in Guyana, he attended the following schools: Cormenius Morivan, Indians   Educational Trust, Tutorial and Mackenzie High. He is a graduate of Guyana Government   Technical College, and was a member of Guyana National Service
Ivan left Guyana in 1979 for the Virgin Islands where he worked for several years as a   mechanic, and a deep water scuba diver.
He later migrated Long Island New York where he lived for twenty five years. Needing a   change of environment , he relocated to the State of Texas.
 Ivan is now retired, and his focus is his new business venture "Crandon Spices".
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